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I’m a type designer and a woman, and occasionally people ask me for recommendations of type by women because it’s thematically appropriate or whatever. I had a spreadsheet I used, and this list is a more extensive and slightly better organized version of it.

It is not meant to be a comprehensive inventory of everything. Today almost anyone can (and should, if they want!) make a halfway functional typeface, which means there are a lot out there. These are the typefaces available for use by designers I personally recommend and/or distributors I believe to be of decent quality.

In case you couldn’t tell, I usually make fonts not websites (thanks, SuperHi!). This is a bunch of links and not a browsable catalog because that’s kind of my limit. I hope that you’ll still find it useful to have quality fonts listed in one place, even if you have to do some tab-opening to find what you need. I also must admit that both the selections and the way the site is set up favor the Latin alphabet, because that’s my expertise.

Get in touch to tell me what fantastic retail fonts I’m missing! hello at victoriarushton dot com

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